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2019 Best Bits - Thailand

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Three of our Bradford Barracudas made Team GB this year and headed to Thailand for The World Dragon Boat Racing Championships

The World Dragon Boat Racing Championships were held this August where 4,000 athletes from 56 countries travelled to Thailand to represent their country and we are still super proud of the 3 Bradford Barracudas that made that journey for Team GB🐲

Lauren Sykes, Angus Bell and Danny Patchett secured their place on the U24's Team GB squad and after months of training they represented our country in Paytta.

What awaited them was a 4 day regime of fitness and swimming followed by training at the race site on day 5.

We had the luxury of watching their progression from the comfort of our own living rooms on the live stream. Check out Team GB 1:12 in (lane 4) and 2:03 (lane 6). Amazing work guys!!!

And who could forget the helming moment of the year???

We're still watching this wondering how on earth this happened!!

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