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Clocks Go Forward - We Go Paddling

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

The clocks go forward during the early hours of Sunday morning (31st March) and although that may mean losing an hour of kip for most, and could result in a moody Sunday; for the Bradford Barracudas this means more paddle time! During the winter our Tuesday evening sessions have been focusing on off water training, theory and analysis - as the nights have been just too dark to get out on the water at Doe Park. With the clocks going forward we finally get our Tuesday Night Paddle back into our diaries.

Tuesday April 2nd will see our first evening session of the year (although in their absence we have been very lucky to have squeezed in some Saturday training sessions) and we're looking for new recruits to join us.

If you fancy giving Dragon Boating a try come along to Doe Park Water and Activities Centre Tuesday Nights at 6pm. We train for around 2 hours and will include full safety briefing for new recruits.

Buoyancy aids will be provided for you, all you'll need is to wear appropriate kit for being in a boat and training. This should be lightweight clothing and thin layers. To keep warm please wear a number of thin layers that can be removed. Bring a change of clothes after all dragon boating is a water sport and you may get wet!

Training will be technical techniques, teaching people how to paddle correctly and the all important timing in the boat.

Coaching is done by suitably qualified coaches/helms.

Find out more HERE

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Looking forward to getting back out on the water on Tuesday evening! If this weather holds it will be fab! ☀️


Never commented on a Blog before!!! This looks ace Jacqui :)

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