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Dragon Boating - Yorkshire Style

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Paddling a Dragon boat when you’re from that there Yorkshire

It’s a well known fact us Yorkshire folk love a good cuppa and a few biscuits after a hard days graft. What we are also loving, is that there dragon boating that everyone’s at nowadays.

What we've come to realise is that Tea n Biscuits and Dragon boating are very much same. Let me explain...

Set Up.

You get home from work and flick kettle on and remember you hid a packet of biscuits at the back of the top cupboard last time you went shopping.

In order to get those biccies you have to reach up with a straight arm to even get anywhere near the cupboard, but to get t’back you really have to put all your body into it, holding ont’ cupboard door with t’other arm for stability, you start really reaching right from them hips all the way through to yer shoulders. Bingo! The packet of biscuits is in hand and you finish off yer brew. MILK goes in last!!!


With Emmerdale on't telly you get a biccie out of the packet and begin the process of creating some juicy goodness. What you don’t want is to splash yer biccie in and spill all over, it’s a nice clean entry yer after and angle is everything.

Pull Down. (AKA Dunk)

Now this is where it gets tricky. Dipping till yer fingers get wet, you now have to decide how long you dare hold it in for. Too little and that teas not soaked in proper... too long and you risk losing all biscuit stability and end in't bottom of yer cup.


Now you know if you get this wrong you may as well move to Lancashire! If you pull out at too much of an angle yer gonna lift yer tea out wit biccie and splash over yer mums favourite armchair doilies, then you would be in trouble. Slick and clean is the way to go.


Yer on't final stretch, manoeuvring that biccie towards yer mouth with the least air resistance, taking a deep breath before popping it in.


And that is why Dragon Boating is just like Tea n Biscuits!

Louise Clarke - Coach

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